High-Performance Emissions Control Glow Plug Exhaust System Technology

We here at Diesel Green Emissions, have developed the World's First Glow Plug Emissions Free Exhaust System. For over 70 years  diesel trucks have been exempt from Air Quality Rules and Regulations, and now our environment is being compromised. The ZE7P Diesel Dissipation Dryer Device will help bring Clean Air for Future Life.

DieselGreenEmissions uses Highly trained engineers, the highest quality material, and experienced Welders. The vision we have, with our ZE7P device, will redefine the Diesel Retrofit Industry as we know it. My Diesel Dissipation Dryer System,  is a free flowing system, so there is no back pressure. There is no maintenance, NO FILTERS, and no hassles. The ZE7P is a modern-day, dry autoclave for clean air. It is 35" long and 5" in diameter. It is a Universal application. Particulate matter does not exist in diesel exhaust. The correct term is "unburnt diesel fuel". The reason why the term, PM is used, is because it is unsafe to filter diesel exhaust. It has been proven that diesel exhaust can not be filtered without potentially risking the lives of people. The ZE7P stands for Zero Emissions Seven Plug.

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